Types of Showers

Types Of Showers

How do You Know Which Types of Showers Should You Choose?

Just like any other fixtures in your bathroom, choosing the right types of showers can be really difficult. But then with all the other bathroom accessories–contributing in the overall design of our bathroom–working in perfect harmony, it’s always so difficult not to hurt our OCD with a shower that seems to be out of place. Okay, let’s establish that aesthetic should be the least of our worries and functionality matters more. But looking into functionality is all the same tedious and mind-numbing task nonetheless especially without the right knowledge of the types of showers. Therefore, we fall to the same dilemma which is actually common among bathroom gallery buyers, how do we find a shower that will work out best with our vanities, baths, and heated towel rails?

As already implicated, the right decision comes from knowing the facts. If we were able to master our “A, B, C…” very well, then it will be so easy for us to know which letter is missing right away. In the same context, if we know the right perks of a good shower, we’ll know exactly what’s missing in the menu.

So, to help you in your shopping we’ve listed down the 5 types of showers that you should know of. Here are:

5 Types of Showers That You Can Choose From

1. Electric Showers

Among the rest of the types of showers available, this is the popular choice, especially for second bathrooms that are used when its peak time. It is very cost-effective and thrift both on water consumption and the costs. You will never run out of the water with an electric shower. Because it heats water as needed. It passes water on a heating element within the unit to produce warm water.

There are several more perks to electric showers which makes it a preferable type. A few less preferable sides, however, could be, it consumes more space than mixers due that it’s bulky. And requires high capacity supply, which basically means you need to run it directly from the fuse. Aside from all that, all in all, it’s a good option to go with.

2. Mixer Showers

As its name describes, mixers mix hot and cold water, and it does it within the unit as water leaves the shower head. Making it highly preferable for homes with a combo boiler or large hot-water-cylinders. This is due to the fact that mixers actually need a readily available hot water. And in the event of low water pressure, you will need a water pump.

3. Thermostatic Showers

The thing about using thermal showers that cater to different temperature is that it’s difficult to maintain the temperature when someone else turns on other types of showers which also regulates temperature somewhere else at home. But that’s not a problem for thermostatic showers. It has the capability to automatically maintain the temperature of the water that leaves the shower head.

4. Eco Version Showers

Eco version showers can be compared to mixers and electric showers. But its main edge is the capability of limiting the water flow to an efficient level giving you a massive save on your water bills.

5. Digital Showers

This is one of the most interesting and remarkable types of showers. It has a control panel located within a 10-metre radius from the vicinity of the shower itself. You can control the shower through the panel which communicates to the power unit. The control panel is commonly located in the loft or airing cupboard and adjusts the flow and temperature of water.

Now that you know the types of showers that may work out for you, it’s time to go shopping! Be sure to invest in quality and brand. Find the shower for your bathroom. And enjoy quality, aesthetics and affordability only here with Bathroom Gallery.

Grab the bathroom peripheral that you are looking for now!

Now is always better than later. Never stick up with a shower that does not go along with the rest of your bathroom. Check out the rest of the website and visit our blog if you still need help in choosing. Or better yet, give our friendly staff a call.


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