Different Types of Showers


Different Types of Showers: What are its Pros and Cons

When it comes to choosing the right shower types for your convenience, there are plenty of choices that you could choose from. However, they vary base on their function, layout, and home preference. And sometimes it can be hard to make up your mind especially when you face so many choices. Well, worry no more! In this article, we will give you some guidance on the different types of showers. Here are:

5 Different Types of Shower and Its Pros and Cons

1. Digital Showers

These are the newest trend that uses an electronic control panel to control the water flow pressure and the temperature of the water. Generally, you can switch between showering heads or a digital bath fill option. The LED display will let you know when the bath has reached its temperature. Moreover, the installation of the hot water feed will depend on your preference. It can be from the wall or ceiling. Well, they are available in electric or mixer varieties. However, this type might be a bit expensive considering that they do need a power unit which is normally installed in a hot press.

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2. Electric Showers

Well, an electric shower is most commonly purchased in today’s marketplace considering that it is cheap and can be sold everywhere. It draws cold water and heats through an element, so you won’t ever run out of hot water while taking a bath. What’s really good about it is that, if you start using hot water from other taps, it won’t affect the water temperature. Moreover, it is more eco-friendly and efficient as it only heats the one you use rather than the whole tank.

Also, the water pressure for your cold supply is generally higher than the hot one, so you get higher pressure if you were drawing from the hot supply. It is totally independent of your central heating and boiler. That means, if you have an issue with them you can still trust that your shower will stay working.

3. Mixer Showers

This type draws both hot and cold water and pushes it through the showering head. Although, these types aren’t suitable for some types of heating system such as with an immersion. There are two types of systems which they are compatible with. And these are the combi boiler or a low-pressure gravity fed system wherein you have a cold-water tank in your roof space and a hot water cylinder in the hot press.

Generally, they are more powerful compared to an electric shower. However, it can be dearer to buy and need careful examination when choosing the right one to install.

4. Shower Panel.

These are quite new to the market but then, they are easy to fit. As they are mounted on the wall of your bathroom area. So apparently, you won’t need to remove any tiles or remodel your bathroom. And since they are one of the newer types, they look modern. It also offers a different type of bathing experience. In fact, the water can be aerated; thus, giving you that priceless spa ambience.  Well, you can have body mist sprays, hand help sprays and showering head as features. However, they do require a high-pressure water system which may add quite a chunk of money to the cost.

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5. Power Shower.

It comes with a pump built in. And for that account, they are great if you have low water pressure. They cannot work on a combi boiler system. But the main disadvantage that comes from using this type is the cost and it is not eco-friendly.

Knowing the above types of showers and its pros and cons will help you decide which one fits your style and needs. Now, if you are not sure about selecting the right one, then, you may ask for professional advice from the expert.

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