Renovations: Follow These Easy Steps for New Bathroom Look

A bathroom is one of the most private rooms in your home, aside from your bedroom. And this is also a place where you can find peace of mind. That’s why it requires a good setup and proper renovations. Just because it is hardly seen by your friends or relatives it doesn’t mean you can leave it unstylish. As a matter of fact, doing renovations can make your lavatory organise. Not only it can add up to your home’s elegance but it also adds a welcoming approach whenever you have visitors.

Bathroom renovations are not all about putting the basin, tub, shower, toilet or mirrors on it. Regardless of the size of your lavatory, still, it’s a laborious task. In fact, doing careful research and planning is necessary to get the best result. Some require a particular permit and or is subject to special regulations. And all throughout the process, from planning up to the actual renovations, giving an enormous amount of time is applicable.

4 Easy Steps for Bathroom Renovations

1. Look for Concept and Plan Carefully

This is a general task so we divided it into 6 sub-steps for you to fully understand the details. By simplifying the first step, you can follow through until to the last step.

1.1 Pick A Concept

Know what you like for your lavatory setup. This is a good chance to bring out the artist in you. Having your own style can make it unique. Keep in mind that not only the other areas of your home need a makeover but your bathroom too.

1.2 Be Realistic

Stick on the setup that you can afford. Yes, we understand that you want to have the glamorous and fancy style for your lavatory but see first if it suits your budget. Some renovations can be affordable but can still rock your project.

1.3 Make A Good Choice of Contractor

Look for a reliable person who is expert in making bathroom makeover. Discuss your ideas with him, ask for his advice and make a final decision. Just make sure that you will get the right person who can deal with your demand and do his job properly.

1.4 Construct A Reasonable Budget for the Renovations

Plan and know your cost for your preferred for the project. In that way, you will not get a compromise when the renovation starts. If you are having a problem making up your mind about the new setup that will match your budget, ask your hired contractors for help.

1.5 Set Up A Deadline.

Make a timeline from planning up to the last touch of the makeover. In that way, you will monitor what and where have you already finished or not, which part needs to polish, so on and so forth. Allow yourself to have time to unwind as well as your shower room. This can help you do other projects in your lavatory for the time being.

1.6 Follow A Step-by-Step Method.

Having a step-by-step process when renovating your shower room can help you finish each task properly. If you are planning to renovate the ceiling, walls and the floor, start from the upper portion of the room and work your way down. In this way, you can prevent any problem like splashes or scratches on your new flooring. And paint the walls first before organising your furniture to avoid smudges on it.

2. Take Time in Choosing the Right Materials

For shower room makeover, you have to choose and decide what kind of materials you need. From wallpapers, tiles and even paints need to be right for your shower room. In doing this, you can avoid spending twice and don’t need to redo the renovations process.

2.1 Choose the Right Flooring.

When choosing the right flooring for your shower room, don’t just look at its design and appearance. You have to consider what is best for you and your loved ones. If you’re leaving with elder people, choose something that is not slippery when wet like vinyl.

2.2 Choose the Right Tiles.

When choosing the tiles for your lavatory, having a good design or style is not enough. You have to consider many things such as:

– Water Absorption

This determines how exposed they are to heat and water absorption.

– Abrasion

This determines how easily scraped the floor and coverings can be which can be discovered by PEI (Porcelain Enamel Institute) score.

– MOHS scale

This can find out the hardness of a tile, which ranges 1 (matching Talcum) to 10 (matching of diamonds). In the case of porcelain tiles, their firmness is between 7 and 9 which make them scraped-resistant.

– Breaking Strength

This characteristic is evaluated by the level of strength requires for the tile to break. The pressure has to be enforced for the tile to break to pieces.

– Easily Cleaned

Lastly, you have to guarantee that the tiles you will choose should be convenient to clean. So, you don’t have to spend hours scrubbing stains and it should be clean with plain cleaning solutions.

2.3 Select the Proper Materials for Your Walls

When choosing the materials for your shower room walls, you have to guarantee that the wallpapers, paint, glass tiles are water resistant and can endure humidity. In this way, you can keep them from rotting and getting mould.

3. Choose the Right Lighting

The lighting can add up to the elegance of your shower room so choose the one that can light up the whole room. Some eye experts say that if the lighting is favourable enough to elder people, it’s also good for younger people too. Pick the lighting that will match your lavatory’s design, natural light premises and the light positions. Most of the lavatory trends use LED bulbs. They give strong shine and excellent brightness that don’t irritate the eyes. You have many options in the market, whether you prefer vanity lighting, lights over the shower, bathtub and overall or daylighting.

4. Pick the Right Appropriate Furniture

When picking the furniture for your shower room, make sure they can endure water splashes and moisture. You might also consider checking the functionality and style of your lavatory and see if it will match to what you want to buy.

Bathroom renovations can be a fun activity to do but it will be stressful if you don’t know how and where to start the process. These steps will be considered as your guide for an awesome lavatory setup. By careful researching and planning, your makeover will be done as effortless as can be.

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