Common Toilet Problems

Common Toilet Problems

The Industry’s Common Toilet Problems and How to Fix Them

These days, immediate service is easy to come by. Just pick up the phone and dial, you can get a handy guy in your house within minutes. But the flipside for that is the fact that most services have a minimum service charge. So, if the residential problem that you have is actually doable by you, then you’re basically throwing off money that you could’ve saved. And what if it’s an emergency situation? Would you really let it wait out till you have someone in your door ready to do it for you? Or what if it’s just some common toilet problems that you can actually do on your own?

If it’s a huge renovation, then, by all means, hire a whole team of plumbers. Or if you need to work on your vanities and whatnot. But simple problem such as peculiar noises in your toilets sometimes can be easily remedied. And after all, it’s good to take immediate action especially if you know how. So, read through this article and learn how to apply immediate remedies to common toilet problems. And be able to deal with the basic problems and give the hard ones to the pros. Here are:

5 Common Toilet Problems That You Can Fix

1. Water Leaking Around the Toilets

Water leaking on the floor around your toilet can damage your subfloor. So, fix it immediately when you can. This is one of the common toilet problems that you can probably attempt to do on your own. You may begin by making sure all connectors are tight and leak-free. This accounts for tank bolts, the ballcock mounting nut, and supply tube coupling nut. If everything is tight then you may need to change the washers. Other probable causes could be condensation during humid weather. If the leak is on the base then probably it’s a wax ring that no longer seals, or simply a cracked toilet base. In other minor cases, condensation can be fixed by ventilating the room.

2. Toilets Not Flushing

Another one of the common toilet problems is a toilet that is not flushing. Some steps that you can take are as follows: first, check whether all the rest of its parts are working. Make sure the handle is not loose. The lift arm might be broken so check that too. Or it could be the connection between the lift arm and the lift chain that is out of adjustment.

3. Toilet Tank Fills Awfully Slow

A toilet tank should fill in about three minutes. If it takes longer than that, then there really is a problem. Although, there might be several culprits to this one. It could be the water pressure in your area, for one. So, first, check if the water shut off is completely open. If it is, then proceed to check. Then, clean the pump and valve. Now if that’s already done and still does not fix the problem, then it could be something bigger and more complex. Hence, this is the time you will need a plumber.

4. Toilets Leaking

Wear and tear is expected for pretty much everything. If your toilet keeps running after you flush, or worse, run without being flushed then you got one of the common toilet problems right in front of you. The culprit is typically in the fill tank. It could be the ballcock or fill valve not working properly and thus why your fill tank has a very high-water level, which results in the toilet leaking. Try adjusting the height of either two and see if the water level improves. It could also be the diaphragm seal that needs replacement, or the fill valve itself.

5. Stucked Handle

The handle is a mechanical part so it can have an easy mechanical fix. Just clean it. There could be lime build up in the mounting nut. Clean it with a brush dipped in vinegar. This is one of the common toilet problems that you can easily fix on your own.

This may be a subjective clause, but for the most part, being the man of the house is quite fulfilling. Being able to fix stuff immediately and be your family’s hero is more fun than the latter. So, learn how to be handy and save money. Otherwise, if the issue gets too complicated, then, by all means, get a plumber or a handy guy to deal with it.

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