Choosing the Right Taps for your Bath Space

Important Rules to Follow in Choosing the Perfect Taps for your Shower

Important Rules to Follow in Choosing the Perfect Taps for your Shower

You might be wondering what is the importance of taps in our bathrooms? Well, they are an essential element of any shower room, not just functionally but also visually. They can make or break a bath space design. But with hundreds and thousands of different designs found in the market, choosing the right one for your bathroom might be confusing. As a matter of fact, getting the right one is not easy. There are different requirements that you need to consider depending on your needs.

So, here are the guidelines for choosing the right and perfect taps of your needs.

5 Important Rules in Choosing the Right Taps for your Bath Space

1. Make sure to Know the Water Pressure

Choosing the right tap that is appropriate for the water pressure in your home is important to get a decent flow of water from your taps. Well, if you have a gravity-fed system it means that you have a low-level pressure while a combination boiler system means your water pressure is in medium to high level. Generally, most single-lever mixers, floor standing and wall mounted will need high water pressure to function effectively. Whilst those with two handles and pillar can function efficiently with low pressure.

A low-pressure tap will work well with the high-pressure system, however, using a high-pressure tap in a low-pressure system will result in a slow water flow. Meaning, it will take more time to fill a basin and even longer to fill a tub. So, always make sure to check the tap you want is suitable for your water system. Or otherwise, you could end up waiting for half an hour or so to fill up your tub.

2. Don’t forget to measure and check the hole

Before choosing a mixer, it is always a good idea to carefully measure the size and check the number of the hole in your bath, basin, or toilet suites before choosing the appropriate taps to match. Yes, your choice of sanitary-ware tells the type of tap you should buy.

3. Choose The Right Style for Your Needs

The style of the tap you choose has a big impact on the overall look of your bathroom. In some cases, beautiful taps can become important points in themselves. Well, if you want to give your existing bath a new lease of life, then a simple way to do this is to just replace the old ones. However, make sure you choose the right one that all complement each other visually. For there is nothing worse than a bathroom that has mismatched taps.

Well, if you want to capture the essence of yesterday, then choose a tap with classic features such as cross head handles, and others. Well, basins with traditional pillar with ornate bath shower mixer evokes a timeless elegance that never looks outdated.

And for a more cutting-edge look, choose contemporary taps with minimalist designs, clean lines, and geometric styling. This is available with modern features such as waterfalls spouts and touch-sensitive operation.

4. Know The Material of The Taps

If you want a high-quality tap that stands the test of time, then there are several aspects that indicate a high-quality standard of construction. Taps made of solid brass are extremely resistant to corrosion. While recycled brass is often used, there are models on the market that are made of pure virgin brass. This type of metal contains no impurities. It means that the water doesn’t have the usual strange taste normally found from a regular bathroom.

Also, for taps that are made of ceramic discs, it is much more hardwearing and resilient to wear and tear, making them a longer lasting option.

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5. Perfect Finish

Now, the finish of the tap is another important factor in terms of practicality and overall bathroom design. Well, one of the most popular finish for bathroom taps is the chrome-plated that are resistant to corrosion and scratch. In fact, their shiny, reflective finish is easy to clean and it creates a clean, modern look. The other one is the gold taps, which always been a popular choice in a period style shower room. Although they have gained a reputation for peeling as the gold finish was only plated on. Another relatively new finish which is increasing its popularity is the nickel taps. A nickel finish combines strength and durability with a lustrous light gunmetal look.

Now that you have the idea of the things you need to look into in choosing the right taps of your needs, you can now give free restraint to your imagination. Make sure to use this knowledge and choose the perfect one for you.

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