Bath Tap Guide

Bath Tap Guide

Bath Tap Guide: Finding the Right Taps for Your Bathrooms

Choosing from so many designs and available products can be too much. Especially if you want your bathroom design to be perfect to the T! Not to mention compatibility issues that can easily be overlooked—design and functionality wise. Apparently, the tap in your bathroom is a key element in its overall design. And its very own structure should function very well with the rest of the plumbing specifications. Now, the dilemma is— “how will you know the right tap to pick the next time you shop for one?” How do you know if it will match with the bathroom vanities’ aesthetic? Or, better yet, how do you know if it will work perfectly with the bench tops’ plumbing? Fret no more! You’ve just found the right article for you. Use this bath tap guide the next time you buy a new tap.

With these, you should not need an interior designer nor a plumber to pick the right product for you. Here are:

5 Things That You Need to Check When Buying Bath Taps

1. The Right Water Pressure

The right water pressure is definitely something that you want to know first before you go out shopping for new faucets. And apparently, it’s the main reason why this is the first entry for your bath tap guide. Otherwise, you may choose one that does not fit the water pressure specification of your plumbing system and may turn out a huge disaster for your bathroom. Basically, low-pressure taps work well with high-pressure system. And high-pressure taps used in a low-pressure system will give you a very slow water flow.

2. Double Check the Tap Holes

Tap holes relate directly to where you plan to install the faucet. And the standard choices are 1, 2, and 3 tap holes. Basins can have one of the three. While bathtubs are definitely customisable as there are really no pre-drilled holes on a bathtub. You will have to drill it yourself or your plumber has to drill it. With that, and as a conclusion to this 2nd item in your bath tap guide, you need to really make sure you know how many tap holes are you looking for in a faucet when you go shopping for one, especially if it’s for your basin.

3. Choose the Style

The faucet will greatly affect the overall design of your bathroom. Therefore, in this item of the bath tap guide, note that in contrary to convention, the style of the tap should be a crucial consideration that you should take heed into as you draft your bathroom layout and design. Remember your faucet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom. Hence, it’s one of the things that your visitors may look at to. So, as you pick your faucet, make sure that it can visually match the overall aesthetics over every component that will go with it. Nothing can get any worse than a beautiful bath with unmatching faucets.

4. The Material

For the 4th item in our bath tap guide, a good designer will not neglect material. And would definitely consider it in the overall design. That’s right, a smart designer knows that one key component of the design is lifespan. It’s not so much as the present aesthetic, but also how long will the design thrive the test of time and excessive usage. So, being someone who’s not actually an interior designer, you should take this as part of your considerations too.

5. The Finish

Finally, the last but definitely not the least item in our bath tap guide is the finish. What you are looking for is something that will match your lighting fixtures, bath hardware and cabinet poles. The common types are as follows:

  • Chrome – it’s one of the most popular finish. It comes with a shiny and a brush matte version.
  • Nickel – this is another one of the favourites because it has a warm vibe in design. It comes from polish to brush.
  • Gold – these types of finish is also vastly popular, especially for period style bathrooms.

Choosing the right faucet to buy for your bathroom does not need to be too complicated for you. Know exactly what you need and you’ll know the exact product to buy. Use this bath tap guide and be ready to shop for quality taps. Additionally, easy shopping takes the right store to buy it from too. So, might as well make sure that you are buying from the right source. Get to know us, and browse our products.

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